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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Link Latte 271

#271 - Week of April 23, 2019

One day, a computer will fit on a desk (1974) - [Arthur C. Clarke]
Derecho: as bad as tornadoes & hurricanes - [extreme weather]
1946 Housewife with Robot at Home - [TV episode]
Physicists reverse time using quantum computer - [wow science]
New Science Concept: Entangled Time (more) - [wow science]
Intergalactic Computer Network - [1960s, pre-Internet]
Nepal's Worst Roads (Rarely Seen Footage) - [wow video]
The Big Rip: the Ultimate Fate of the Universe - [epic, wiki]
Octopus hiding himself in a clam shell - [wow nature]
Octopus attacks a crab and drags it into abyss - [wow nature]
Prop-powered Boeing 727: 7J7 - [cool video]
Prank your co-workers with one of these emails - [funny]
Vehicles of the Future: Future Transportation Systems - [futurism, video]
Tons of French Movie Posters - [high-res art]
Great Series on Golden Age Comics Lettering - [Ira Schnapp]
Hidden Details of the New York Public Library - [great video]
Explained Details of the NYC Grand Central Terminal - [cool video, architecture]
The New York City Evolution Animation - [urbanism, video]
"Beatlesque" in Music - [useful list]
Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison, Gene Wolfe Together, Talking - [great video]
Harlan Ellison Interview on Thames TV, 1976 - [scifi, video]
Here is the detailed instruction how to write thrilling stuff - [Doc Savage, 1930s]
Scanned Images of Vintage Paperback Books - [huge collection]
Great YouTube Account for Vintage Video Clips - [The KinoLibrary]
What would it look like: with all the planets placed btw the Earth and the Moon? - [wow video]
The Comic-Book Boom and Crash of the 1990s - [good article]
Tons of 1930s-1950s Scifi Fanzines for Free - [huge collection]
Insane Driving Rally Tour de Corse 2019 - [wow video]
Flower Glass Art Marble - [lovely, animated gif]
World's Most Expensive Penthouse: $387 Million - [video, architecture]
A surreal experience jetting through a river canyon in Colorado - [wow video]
Filming "Flip Car" in Action - [movie stunts, video]
SNL "Olive Garden Ad Reaction" Sketch - [fun video]
"Safety Last!" Harold Lloyd's full 1923 movie - [thrilling stuff]
Disco 1979 (Gilla): Check out this guy on skates - [fun video]
Hilarious Prank TV Show: Alternative 3 (1977) -info - [wow video]
Play Subway Surfers on Poki! - [game]


Friday, 8 March 2019

Link Latte 270

#270 - Week of March 8, 2019

The Speed of Light between Earth and Moon - [in real-time]
The Famous ELO "Spaceship" Stage from 1978 - [wow video]
Secrets Hidden Inside Jeff Lynne's ELO Songs - [amazing info]
Scientology's "Gold Base" (Secret? Headquarters) Described - [weird, wiki]
IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Quantum Computing System - [wow science]
"Architect" Fish in Love - [wow nature, video]
Victorian Circus Animals "Who Could Do Math" - [great article]
2018 SciFi & Fantasy Recommended Reading List - [Locus Magazine]
Rare & Revealing Interview with Philip K. Dick in France - [from 1977]
Philip K. Dick "Otaku" Fanzine (Complete) - [great find]
The Telharmonium: an electric organ from 1896! - [retro, info]
World's Most Valuable Electronic Music Gear - [list, photos]
Fascinating list of movies/books/games in "development hell" - [wiki info]
Incredible SciFi Art by Noriyoshi Ohrai - [Google images, some nsfw]
Great Vintage/Pinup Art by David Uhl - [insta, somewhat nsfw]
Exquisite Lost Art of Wood Intarsia - [vintage art]
Full Collection of Scifi "Dime Novels" from 1890-1910s - [great find]
The Last Story by Tolkien (Highly Recommended!) - [books, info]
The Bizarre Experience Of The �Quietest Room On Earth� - [weird]
Site dedicated to misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture - [funny]
The History of Printing - [neat infographic]
Earth may have underground 'ocean' three times that on surface - [science]
Collection of most ancient Sumerian writings - [very strange stuff]
Surreal: Faking a Top-Rated Restaurant - [wow article]
Digital Comic Museum has pretty much every comic ever published - [huge collection]
Aluminum and Mercury: Spectacular Reaction - [wow video]
London to Sydney Marathon Rally in 1968 - [cool video]
Historic Maraphon Rally Blog and Flickr Group - [site worth browsing]
How to "MoonWalk": Simple Instructions - [animated gif]
Fascinating Interview with Forrest J. Ackerman - [on early scifi and L. Ron Hubbard]
Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation, presented by Arthur Godfrey - [1953 short film]
Another "Glory Days of Aviation" Great Film - [Chicago to Los Angeles, 1963]
The Beatles: Funny Interviews - [fun video]
ELO: "Hold On Tight" Epic Video - [music video]
New ELO "Turn to Stone" Live Show & 2019 Tour! - [good news]
Backflipper game on Poki - [game]
Play Stickman Hook on Poki! - [game]


Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Link Latte 269

#269 - Week of December 18, 2018

Really Hair-Raising Nepal Roads Video - [most-dangerous roads]
But nothing beats this road video - [sweaty palms/reddit]
Oumuamua object is stranger than we realized... (full text) - [Space Beacon?]
Whole Galaxy Inside Your Browser - [STARS: great website]
Guy makes a Fire/Smoke Tornado Inside a Bubble - [amazing]
Abandoned: Surreal Town in Abkhazia - [wow video]
Bizarre: Japan's All-White Cult (pics) - [weird, info]
Underground Ecosystem More Diverse Than Life on The Surface - [science]
Dark Ages were not all that dark, after all - [history myth]
Time Lapse of the Sushi-Making Scene: Animation - [video and info]
Custom Records for a 70's Toy Record Player - [geek art]
HD Cab View: Yurikamome Elevated Train Line Tokyo - [neat video]
Neat Illustrated Travel Notebooks - [by Jos� Naranja]
Click "Gallery" in this Cool Mecha Site - [Junya Ishigaki's work]
The Evolution of Santa Claus - [cool infographic]
The Devil vs. Magician-Without-Shadow (pics) - [Scottish Smoo Cave]
Fascinating video from Mumbai's worst slum - [POV video]
Great Comedy Sketch: "Mastermind" - [fun video]
Incredible Quality Restoration of WW1 Footage - [Peter Jackson's new project]
Neat Graphic: The History of Tea - [history, style]
Older than Pyramids, Bigger than England: newly-discovered TERMITE Land - [info]
Collecting Vintage CPU/Processors - [geek info]
"Imaginary Monuments": Wonderful Art by Sandow Birk - [gallery]
Then & Now: Silent Films Real Locations - [great site]
Earthquake Footage Compilation From Around The World - [wow video]
This "The Onion" Sketch is still as relevant as ever - [fun video]
Soothing Watch: $144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo (Teppanyaki) - [neat video]
The Biggest Waves Ever Surfed (Nazare) - [wow video]
Just a simple nudge... leads to this - [wow video]
When you're overqualified for the job - [fun video]
Carol Burnett Show: "Airline Security", "Butler & Maid" - [fun videos]
Very Strange, Surreal Russian Animation - [cool video]
Great Merseybeat Song by Chad & Jeremy - [video, TV show]
Great List of Newly-Learned Weird Facts - [random cool]
Play "G-Switch!" for a lot of in-browser fun - [game]


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Link Latte 268

#268 - Week of November 20, 2018

A lot of speculation about Oumuamua - [alien probe? asteroid?]
Majestic White Bear, or "Spirit Bear" (not an Albino) - [wow nature]
Boarding & Riding a Paternoster - [vintage, video]
... and then going over the top with it - [wow video]
List of SOLVED missing persons cases - [fascinating]
First Ever Piece of Internet Equipment - [cued-in video]
Aurus: Russian Presidential Automobile - [auto, gallery]
What's the Most Difficult Place to Get to In the World? - [neat video]
Downloadable Large-Format Historical Maps - [epic list]
Jericho: The Oldest Town & the Big Mystery - [cool info]
The Ancient City of Jericho 3D Model - [history, video]
"The First Skyscraper" Mystery - [Jericho' Tower]
Live Air Traffic Audio from Anywhere - [cool site, aviation]
Most Interesting ATC Recordings and info/forum - [geek, aviation]
Map of Unprovoked Shark Attacks in the World - [wow nature]
Hot Wheels Original Set: 50th Anniversary - [geek info]
Incredible Compendium of Myths-Related Books Online - [great find]
Indian Lands in the U.S. 1885 and 2005 Comparison - [interesting map]
Overnight Bus Hotel From LA To San Francisco - [cool video]
12 Crazy, Creative Ways to Blow a �1Billion - [fun infographic]
Magical Chivalric Romance: "Sir Launfal" - [1200 AD Arthur, Fairies, etc]
A Proclamation for the Suppression of Coffee Houses! - [unexpected]
Great History of 1650s Coffee Houses in London - [history, article]
1970s Wheelie Bikes (pic) - [nostalgic info]
Probably the Laziest Cat Ever - [fun video]
Are LEGO Faces' Emotions Changing? - [random head]
Perfect Match: Drones Filming Extreme Drifting - [wow video]
Medieval Fantasy City Generator - [wow video]
Probably the most cheerful song ever written - [music video]
This camel is stuck, indeed - [fun video]
Some Sort of Japanese Crazy Sounds/Shapes in your browser - [well...]
"Early Prototype of Apple Pay" - [fun video]
(Endless) Groovy Disco Dancing Competition - [fun video]
Gold Plated (Most Expensive) Number Plates - [fun infographic]
Play "Thunderdogs"! if bored - [in-browser game]


Friday, 16 November 2018

DRB Visual Caffeine #8

Link - by Avi Abrams

DRB Visual Caffeine: a thrilling blend of art, architecture, myths and fabulous technology - Issue 8

This is the eighth issue of our "visual caffeine mix" (read the previous one here) - somewhat unpredictable short forays into spectacular history of art and architecture, coupled with mythology, culture and fabulous (modern and vintage, often quaintly obsolete) technology. Click to enlarge all images.

Truly wonderful computer game "Machinarium" had this unique steampunk-ish look, was highly creative visually and enchanting/addictive exploration-wise. Full of hidden stories and tricks, almost "Myst"-like in its visual sophistication, this unlikely labour of love from Czech-born Jakub Dvorsky (of "Amanita Games") and his fellow artist Adolf Lachman is worthy of playing even today, if you can locate it. Actually, the Collector's Edition is available here: - highly recommended!

Also check out concept sketches for "Machinarium" on this page. "Amanita"'s Jakub Dvorsk� was also responsible for some groovy graphic design for Dallas-area glee-rockers "Polyphonic Spree" (baroque pop revivalists).

(image via)

Futuristic art by Robert McCall is simply the best when it comes to optimistic/positive/sunshine-drenched vistas of endless progress and "Tomorrowland" 1970s esthetic. See more of his work here.

(image via)

John Berkey is my next choice (right after Robert McCall) when I need a shot of gleeful (if misguided) scientific optimism. His 1970s-1980s sci-fi art was perhaps more epic than anybody's in the market, and his spaceship technology appropiately curved, Apple-like smooth and white (mostly):

(image credit: John Berkey)

Jupiter-swirled coffee latte? Nope. A "Little Red Spot" spread over Jupiter�s cloud tops, more info here. "The image highlights a massive counterclockwise rotating storm that appears as a white oval in the gas giant�s southern hemisphere." Interested in astrophysics? Expert scientists contributed to, and so can you!

(image credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Bjorn Jonsson)


Myths, Art Nouveau & Fairy Tales

Here is a map teeming with adorable medieval monsters, some of them mythical and some of downright bizarre inventions of the artist: M�nster's "Meerwunder und seltzame Thier", printed in Basel in 1552. See more maps with monsters at this link:

(image via)

(art by Alphonse Mucha)

Art Nouveau is represented today in our issue with this (slightly not-safe-for-work?) "inlaid box" displayed at the Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy:

(image credit: Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy)

Art by Kinuko Yamabe Craft is highly recommended for any "high-fantasy" fans:

(art by Kinuko Yamabe Craft)

(art by Ken Barr)


Glamour & Art Deco Section

"Gold Diggers of 1933": poster via

June Marlowe, an American film actress who began her career during the silent film era. Right image: Mabel Normand, who entered films at age 16 in 1909:

(image via)

More photos of Mabel Normand:

Madge Evans:


Groovy 1950s-1970s Times

1951 Studebaker Manta Ray concept:

(image via)

Dual Pontoon Buick by Arthur "Art" Ross:

Car Carrier Trucks and Trailers were quite exciting to behold with all that shark-finned chromed glory on top of them... Here is a 1957 Dodge 700 COE with a load of 1959 Dodges. See more of these vintage car haulers here

(image via)


Modern Times / Futurism

Mind-boggling visual feast for any hot-blooded cyberpunk affictionado, as well as a paen of love for modern urbanism esthetic, Xavier Portela series "Glow" shows Hong Kong and New York City's Times Square area in all its neon (if filter- enhanced) glory:

(images via)

Real-life NYC skyline can be quite beautiful even without any photo-enhancement:

(original unknown)

Speaking of sleek cyberpunk, here is a wasp in 3-D. Yes.

(original unknown)


Great Concept & Luxury Cars

Aston Martin CC100 concept (more here) -
"To celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin, the car company has unveiled the CC100 concept, which can hit 62 miles per hour in just 4 seconds."

(image via)

2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith "Palm Edition 999" By Mansory:

(image via)

Bugatti Chiron 2017:

(image via)


Anime & Manga

Aldnoah Zero (art by Longman):

(image via)

Suisei no Gargantia (Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet):

(image via)

Mobile Suit Gundam
Gundam Reconguista in G - info

Robots and girl pilots:

"Macross Delta" (TV Series 2015):

TitanFall art:

Awesome art by Yuto Sakuma (left) and "Akitaka Mika, Himouto!":

(image credit: Yuto Sakuma)

"High Priestess" by Gerry Arthur (left) and
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri "Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress" Butterfly Girl by Yuu Kichi:

(images via 1, 2)


Lovely Models and Actresses

British Tina Louise, an "answer to Marylin Monroe"?:

Greta Thyssen:

(original unknown)

Nadia Litz, a Canadian actress and director - info:

Russian model Anastasia Nadezhina is simply perfect in historical costumes, or as a forest elf creature:
(Photography by Maxim Guselnikov)

(originals unknown)


And we finish with a magical art by Victor Nizovtsev, who is simply unmatched in angelic and folk-fairy-tale painting subgenre:

(image via)